LucaBike - The Ultimate Luxury Comfort Bikeby Sascher

Features and Benefits

Luca Motion

The elliptical pedaling motion places less stress on your knees and makes better use of the larger muscles in your legs and buttocks. This allows you to ride longer, faster and with greater comfort.

Ride the Wave Seat

Instead of sitting on top of a narrow seat you lean against the Wave Seat like a surfer rides a wave.  The broader contact area eliminates the pressure points found on a traditional seat.

Time Warp Suspension

The progressive rate rear rotary shock combined with Luca Bike's trailing link suspension actually slows bumps down. Up front we took a Manitou downhill/freeride fork and fine tuned it to meet Luca Bike's standards. The result - a new level of comfort and control.

Smooth Operator

One handed shifting while pedaling or stopped with all the range of a mountain bike but none of the fuss.  No chain, no adjustment, no derailleur.

Clean Machine

Traditional bicycle chains are made of hundreds of parts that need to be lubricated and kept clean.  This requires constant maintenance not to mention the mess it makes of your clothes and car.  Luca Bike uses state-of-the-art Poly Chain® belts that are clean, light and efficient.  If a belt gets dirty just hose it off.

Easy Going

In a few seconds Luca Bike folds into a compact space ready to go.

More Comfortable Pedal Spacing

Most mountain bikes have a pedal spacing of about 173mm to accommodate their large range of gears while the finest road bikes are under 145mm.  Unless you grew up riding horses and are a bit bow-legged the larger pedal spacing can place additional stress on the knees.  Luca Bike provides the range of gears found on a mountain bike with pedal spacing found on the finest road bikes.

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